II Workshop on Footwear

With the speech “Sustainable innovation in leather and footwear”, INESCOP’s technicians participated in the second edition of the Workshop on Footwear, which is imparted at the Secondary School Virgen de Vico in Arnedo. In this lecture, the students were taught on different green technologies for the tanning and footwear industries that are being developed and/or implemented through different projects were INESCOP participates, including LIFE microTAN.

This Workshop is imparted to the students of the higher technical degree on Footwear and Accessories Design and Production.45 IESVirgenVico

SIMAC & Tanning Tech 2015

SIMAC2015SIMAC & Tanning Tech is the international fair for equipment and technologies for the footwear, leather goods and tanning industries, and is held together with LINEAPELLE, the international fair for accessories, components, leathers, synthetics, fabrics and models for footwear, leather goods, clothing and furniture.

In the edition of February 2015, LIFE microTAN project was disseminated at INESCOP’s stand.


The Technological centre on children’s products and leisure (AIJU) held the workshop entitled “How to know if I meet the environmental requirements applicable in my company?”. During this workshop, organised in the framework of LIFE MASTALMOND project, success stories of environmental management in the different manufacturing sectors through the European LIFE+ projects were presented. LIFE microTAN project was presented as a measure of waste valorisation within the tanning industry.mastalmond3


Ecocity2014In November 2014, the international annual fair ECOCITY took place in Pisa. The fair, held in the pedestrian area of Pisa, was an outdoor event directed to companies, experts and citizens and aimed at informing the visitors about the new green technologies available.

During the event, C.G.S. disseminated LIFE microTAN showing the project’s notice board and answering directly to questions asked by the public.

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