1st Networking event for Bioval associates

The Association of Companies and Entities sector Bio Valencia (BIOVAL), in collaboration with the Institute of Health Research FAITH (IIS LA FE), organised the 1st Meeting Networking Partners BIOVAL on the premises of IIS La Fe in Valencia (Spain).

INESCOP staff presented the project LIFE microTAN at this event, which was held on 27th October 20146 and which counted with the participation of experts from 15 entities.


On 9th-11th September 2016, the Trade Fair Institution of Madrid (IFEMA) hosted the second edition of the International Fashion Showroom MOMAD Shoes, in coincidence with the International textile showroom MOMAD-Metropolis. These events received more than 185.00 visitors.

At this event, LIFE microTAN project was disseminated among the visitors at INESCOP’s corporate stand.momad

National Conference on Footwear

CongresoCalzadoThe First National Conference on Footwear was held in Elda (Alicante) on 7th October 2016. More than 200 attendees participated in the event.

Participants profiles included representatives and technicians from both footwear and footwear components companies, as well as chemical suppliers, tanneries, representatives of the Footwear and Footwear components Associations, as well as national and local political representatives.

Within this conference, LIFE microTAN project’s main results were presented under the oral communication entitled “Wastes recovery. Circular Economy” by INESCOP staff in collaboration with a representative from INCUSA. This tannery has collaborated with LIFE microTAN project as by-product supplier and currently recovers their untanned wastes as collagen.

III International Workshop co_Shoes

In October 2016, the Alicante Exhibition Center hosted the third edition of the International workshop co-shoes, an initiative to outsourcing/private label services that aims to promote and boost the productive capacity of the Spanish and European footwear producers.

At this event, LIFE microTAN project was disseminated among the visitors at INESCOP’s corporate stand.

iii coshoes

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