• InescopINESCOP is a non profit-making organization that develops scientific and technical activities of interest to the Spanish footwear and related industries, including the tannery sector.

    INESCOP staff includes experts in environmental and regulatory issues, chemistry, microencapsulation, materials science, biotechnology, computer science, electronics, telecommunications, design, etc. Its laboratories provide a wide range of testing equipment for quality control servicing. Moreover, INESCOP works on satisfying the industry needs regarding applied research on the development and implantation of new materials and technologies, training, information and documentation, the Environment, industrial design and fashion.

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  • cgsCGS is a private commercial body with twenty-year expertise in the fields of Applied Research, Industrial, Consulting and Civil Engineering. Since its establishment in 1990, CGS’ working strategy has consisted in accomplishing interventions to reduce the traditional gap between research and industry. In order to achieve this, CGS has followed three different lines: Technical, Financial and Management.

    From a technical point of view, CGS has proposed innovative plant solutions to enterprises as well as listened to their demands in order to individuate the most suitable solutions. With regard to the financial line, CGS has individuated funding opportunities and prepared no less than 100 proposals for research projects to be sent to the European Community involving roughly 50 SMEs from Tuscany and 100 national and European SMEs and research organizations. Regarding strictly management aspects, CGS has conceived and optimized particular management procedures for effectively conversing with both the academic world and enterprises.

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