BiTs de Innovación

Held in the framework of the Week of Science celebration, BiTs de Innovación was a 3-day, free dissemination event organised by INESCOP with the aim of bringing to the footwear industry some of the results and technological advances that have been achieved through different RDI actions.BitsInnovacion

Within the session on 18th November, which was devoted to sustainable manufacturing, LIFE microTAN project was disseminated as a part of the speech “Leather waste, a problem or a business opportunity”.

XVI Congress on Adhesion and Adhesives

The Congress on Adhesion and Adhesives is an annual event where researchers, academics and industrials share and discuss the latest trends in adhesion and adhesives.

During the edition of 2015, that was organised by INESCOP, LIFE microTAN project was presented at the conference entitled “Valorisation of industrial wastes as biopolymers”.XVICongresoAdhesivos

6th Workshop on Green Chemistry and Nanotechnologies in Polymer Chemistry

The Workshop on Green Chemistry and Nanotechnologies in Polymer Chemistry (GCNPC) is a yearly conference that aims at exploring and discussing the latest trends in research and technology in the fields of green chemistry and nanotechnology in polymer chemistry and their contribution to a sustainable biobased and innovative industry.

GCNPC gathers researchers, academics and industrials from all over the world and covers topics of interest for LIFE microTAN project, such as Bio-based monomers and polymers, nano- and microencapsulation, biodegradation and environmental issues, among others.

GCNPC2015In the edition of 2015, that was held in the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, LIFE microTAN project was disseminated by INESCOP staff by means of the poster entitled “Influence of the extraction temperature on the gelatine microencapsulating properties obtained from tannery wastes by an enzymatic process”.

LIFE InfoDay 2015

The Network of Technology Institutes of the Region of Valencia (REDIT) and the Valencian Chamber of Commerce organized the networking event “LIFE InfoDay”. This annual event aims at disseminating the main results of LIFE projects developed in Valencian Community, and at promoting collaboration among the participants.

In this event, that was held in Valencia on 14th July 2015, a total of 22 LIFE projects participated, including LIFE microTAN, which was presented by INESCOP’s staff.


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